The Coastal Running Club (CRC) was formed by a group of runners wanting to participate in organised events over the summer to maintain fitness and social contact with other runners.
Everyone is very welcome to join the club and participate in its activities, regardless of their ability.  If anyone is unable to run all the way, then they can walk all or part of it instead.
There are no age limits but we do require young children to be accompanied by a responsible person.  We attempt to set courses away from roads. The emphasis is on participation in a friendly atmosphere.
Club activities commence at 10.30 on Sunday mornings throughout the summer unless stated otherwise on the program.  In all events, competitors are asked to register at least 15 minutes before hand.
Events are staged on a nominated time basis and no watches or timing devices are worn.  There is generally a short, medium and long run and distances are given on the day.  Prizes are awarded for closest to the nominated time, irrespective of the distance completed.  Depending on the number of competitors on the day the number of prizes varies.  The first over the line wins nothing but a nice warm feeling!!
Membership of the CRC for 2018/2019 is $15.00 for individuals and $30.00 for families.  For insurance reasons, membership fees must be paid prior to participating in any club event.  
The entry fee for all events is $2.00 per individual or $5.00 per family.  Entry fees are returned to the club as prizes, or used to subsidise food and refreshments at club barbeques as indicated on the program.
The small committee that administers the club, welcomes feedback and suggestions, and welcome anyone interested in becoming a committee member.  If you are interested in joining the committee, please see our contact page for names and numbers.