We are a family friendly club and everyone is very welcome to join regardless of ability. Run, Jog or Walk!

Club runs commence at 10am on Sunday mornings throughout the summer months. Participants are asked to register by 9:45am. (See links above for programme and registration form)

There is no age limits but we do require young children under 10 to be accompanied by a responsible person.

Events are staged on a nominated time basis and no watches or timing devices are to be worn or used whilst running. Three distances of approximately 1km, 2-4km and 5-10km will be offered each week. Prizes are awarded for closest to the nominated time. First over the line wins nothing but a warm feeling.

The Membership fee for 2021/2022 season is $15.00 for individuals and $30.00 for families. The entry fee each week is $2.00 per individual or $5.00 per family.

For more information see our program or anyone from our very friendly committee:

CRC Committee 2021/2022

President: Craig Denby

Vice Presidents: Dallas van Rooyen and Rowan Page

Secretary: Ali Purton

Treasurer: Sharni van Rooyen 

Members: Wayne Filleul, Declan Filleul, Tania Page, Michael Bates, Chris Purton, Brian Paine, Robyn Locke, Jane Williams, Caroline Brett, Stacey Pilkington, Paul Pilkington

Contact Email: coastalrunningclubinc@hotmail.com

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