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Long 4.8km

Line honours: Ben Hoare 17:04, Jason Fehlberg 17:09, Alex Reimer 19:06

Fastest Female: Michelle D'Monte 22:39.

Closest to time: Rod Viney 2 sec, Debbie Riley and Louise Morse 3 sec, Lorraine Shepheard8 sec.

Medium 2.8kms

Line honours: Scott Crawford 12:10, Chloe Bates 12:26, Thomas Ward 13:03. 

Closest to time: Steve Bradley 4 sec, Dominic Troughton 6 sec, Mackenzie Troughton, 8 sec, Michelle Weller 9 sec, Tracey Bradley 13 sec, Evelyn Howard 17 sec.

Short 1.1kms

Line honours: Heidi D'Monte 4:35, Connor Stirling 5:07, Pirri Barnes 5:08.

Closest to time: Wendy Wing 2 sec, Mia Fehlberg 3 sec, Heidi D'Monte 5 sec.

 The Coastal Running Club (CRC) was formed by a group of runners wanting to participate in organised events over the summer to maintain fitness and social contact with other runners.

We are a family friendly club and everyone is very welcome to join regardless of ability. Running, Jogging or Walking.

There is no age limits but we do require young children to be accompanied by a responsible person.

Events are staged on a nominated time basis and no watches or timing devices are to be worn. There is generally a short, medium and long run. Prizes are awarded to those closest to their time.

The registration fee for the 2016/2017 season is $15.00 per individual and $30 family. Each race you attend also has a $2 per individual fee or $5 per family paid on the day.



Coastal Running Club has a facebook page. Please join as a member for all future updates