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Short - 1.13km

Closest to time: Jake Blight 0  sec, Tiffiny Porter ad Heidi D'monte 4 sec, Connor Purton 5 sec, Tia Brown 6 sec.

Line Honours: Jake Blight 4:10, Tali Brown 4:52, Max Anderson 5:07.

Medium 3.07km

Closest to time: Dolores Duff 1 sec, Tom Winkel 2 sec, Tania Page and Jan Purton 4 sec. 

Line Honours: Tom Winkel 12:02, Kobe McLaren 13:14, Josh Febey and Chloe Bates 13:22.

Long 5.86km

Closest to time: Stuart Young 5 sec, Craig Franks 12 sec, Eric Hughes 15 sec.

Line Honours: Thomas Wilson 22:19, Ben Hoare 22:20, Andrew Winkel 24:15.

Fastest Female: Michelle D'Monte 26:10.


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